General Questions


Q - In one sentence why should I purchase your wainscot product?

A - Ready to install with a professional finish without the need for painting.


Q - What is the composition of the product?

A - 100% composite vinyl made from rigid and cellular PVC.


Q - Can I paint my wainscot?

A - Wainscot does not require to be painted, but if eventually you wish to paint the wainscot you will be able to using a 100% acrylic paint and follow the paint manufacturer recommendations. No surface preparation is required


Q - Can I recycle my end-cuts?

A - The product is made from 100% vinyl, you must verify with your local recycling company for pick-up or drop off centers.


Q - How much does the wainscot (and trim) cost per foot?

A - White is 12$/FT and Wood Stains is 15$/FT. This includes the Trim Kit (base & cap) and the Bead Board.


Q - Why is your product better then MDF?

A - MDF requires extra ; labor, and material. It also requires painting and is difficult to clean. It marks and damages easily and contains toxic glues and formaldehyde, a known carcinogen. MDF is also not resistant to humidity and water.

Q - Can I install this product outside?

A - No. Our products are interior UV grade vinyl. CSO orders may be feasible for exterior usage Quantity to be determined.


Q - Why is your product better then other vinyl products?

A - Unlike other vinyl products, our product:

  • Guarantees a professional finish…all the time!
  • Rigid shell gives superior  surface resistance to scratching.
  • Higher impact resistance (patent pending technology).
  • Color consistency between profiles because of wrapped technology.
  • Our products are interior UV resistant, will not discolor.

Q - Is the wainscot reversible?

A - No not currently.


Q - Do I need a professional installer to install this product?

A - No. Our molding and wainscot are easy to install, if you have the right tools and follow the instructions carefully you will be able to successfully install your moldings and wainscot.


Q - What is the warranty?

A - Our millwork products come with a life time warranty against rot.

  • 10 years prorated warranty on color degradation and finish
  • Warranty applies on the replacement of defective component parts only.

Q - How do I clean the product?

A - With a damp cloth and mild soap.


Q - Is this product insect resistant?

A - Absolutely, this product is better than MDF or wood moldings because insects do not eat composite vinyl.  


Technical Questions


Q - Is this product fungus resistant?

A - Yes this product resists fungus and moisture. 


Q - What is the average density?

A - Similar to pine.


Q - What is the coefficient for Thermal Expansion?

A - Gap is proportional to length of product installed and temperature range of product at installation. ( -5 C to 15 C:  1/8” gap, 16 C to 24 C 1/8” gap and over 25 C no gap).


Q - How long the product will keep his color?

A - Coloration: Product will be within a Delta-E of +/- 2 from the Plastibec Product quality color standard. The Product will maintain this color prorated for a period of ten (10) years from the date of the original purchase.


Q - What about LEED?

A - We are working to get product and company certification. We can qualify in New construction.

  • MR 1.1 (Building Reuse) – Possible 1 LEED point if we can assume PLASTIBEC MILLWORK trim can be reused on the next house.
  • MR 2.1 (Construction Waste Management) – Possible 1 LEED point. Plastibec Millwork trim is recyclable either back to the manufacturer or through brokers who will pick up and dispose of the material through recycling efforts where it will be directed into secondary PVC products.
  • MR 4.1 (Recycled Content) – Possible1 LEED point. We have the ability and have been successful in using outside post industrial cellular PVC scrap in our sheet extrusion process at levels in excess of 10%.
  • MR 5.1 (Local Materials) – Possible 1 LEED point because 100% of materials used to produce PLASTIBEC MILLWORK are manufactured within a 500 mile radius of the building.

In summary, There are four LEED certification levels. They are as follows:

  • Certified – 26 to 32 points
  • Silver – 33 to 38 points
  • Gold – 39 to 51 points
  • Platinum – 52 to 69 points

Plastibec Millwork may qualify for 4 LEED points at the very most and under the most ideal situation. At the very least we should be able to claim 2 to 3 LEED points depending on the product used on a particular project. The categories where Plastibec Millwork is more likely to receive LEED points are MR 5.1 and either MR 4.1 or DE 1.1.


Dealer Questions


Q - Can I order a standard display

A- Yes, we have 3 plannograms: moulding, wainscot and combined plannogram with point of sales materials.


Q - How is it this product value positioned?

A - Professional finish, long term performance. Price between MDF and hard wood species


Q - Can I have special orders (size, color)?

A - Plastibec is equipped to do special orders.


Q - How much racking space does Molding and Wainscot required

A - Moulding requires 1 foot per color. Wainscot requires 1 foot per color. Ideally, mouldings and wainscot should be grouped with similar products


Installer Questions


Q - Can the product be bended?

A - Yes composite vinyl can be bended, unlike wood it won’t crack.  A heat gun may be used for extra bending.


Q - Can I install the product with No More Nail adhesive?

A - PL Premium and No More Nails Tub Surrounds showed the best properties for bonding the two PVC profiles to wood and drywall.  In Canada the product is branded under Lepage, and in US is branded under Loctite.


Q - How do I handle electrical outlet during my installation?

A - Turn off the power. Take careful measurements of the outlet location and cut out the opening.


Q - If the wall is made from concrete or brick can I install the wainscot directly on it?

A - Is not recommended unless the wall is insulated. 


Q - How should I store the product before the installation?

A - On a flat surface inside the home.


Q - Can the product be drilled?

A - Yes, using standard router bits and the same tools used for lumber.


Q - Can I use a nail gun for the installation?

A - Yes, composite vinyl has a similar density as pine. Before starting the installation do a test on a left over material. On the wainscot lip we recommended a maximum of 35 PSI for air gun. Moulding has to use at minimum 55 PSI for air gun

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