General Questions


Q - How do I clean the product ?

A - Regularly dust or vacuum with an upholstery attachment. For soil removal, sponge with a mild detergent and warm water solution and blot dry.


Q - Are Plastibec vinyl louvers recylable ?

A - Yes our products are made of 100% recyclable vinyl. Consult your local municipal regulation for pick-up or drop off centers.


Q - Do louvers create a static build-up?

A - Plastibec vinyl louvers contain an anti-static formulation. However, should your vinyl louvers attain a static buildup use two anti-static material strips or fabric softener sheets (like the one’s used in your clothes dryer) and gently wipe once from top to bottom. This will eliminate any static build up between louvers, repeat as often as required.


Q - Are vinyl louvers supposed to let light through?

A - There exist different types of vinyl louvers, from the clear translucent louver to light filtering to the room darkening louver. Note that heavily textured vinyl louvers will sometimes be less opaque.


Q - Will vinyl louvers change color?

A - Plastibec vinyl louvers are manufactured using a highly engineered grade of interior “UV” protected vinyl material. All Plastibec manufactured vinyl louvers come with a limited 3 year warranty against discoloration, please consult our product warranty for full details at www.plastibec.com


Technical Questions


Q - Are vinyl louvers fire retardant?

A - All Plastibec “manufactured” vinyl louvers meet NFPA 701 Small Scale – National Fire Protection Association fire and flammability as required in building code specifications. Plastibec vinyl louvers are “self extinguishing” and will not burn providing there is no flame source.


Q - Do Plastibec vinyl products contain any latex ingredient?

A - All Plastibec rigid vinyl manufactured products contain No Latex substances.


Q - Do Plastibec vinyl products contain any lead?

A - No, all Plastibec vinyl manufactured products contain No Added Lead, the use of lead stabilizers is strictly forbidden in North America for use in vertical, valance and horizontal products.


Dealer Questions


Q - Can I create our company own sample collection of products?

A - Yes, Plastibec can help you with both style selection and sampling formats with your companies branding.


Q - Can I have my own styles and coloration?

A - Yes, Plastibec can help you with both style creation and coloring for your companies branding.


Q - Can I custom lengths for large orders?

A - Yes, Plastibec accepts 3 cuts for every 4800 ft of same style same color.

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